Monday 1 July 2013

Provoking Thoughts Podcast 12 - A Mind Expanding Conversation with Dr. Carmel Vaisman

Time Travel, Robot Infusion in mankind, Lumosity Brain Training, Spirituality, Masculine and Feminine and much much more all rolled into one free flowing conversation with our dear friend and brilliant mind Carmel Vaisman from Israel.



Monday 25 February 2013

Provoking Thoughts Podcast 11 - Devotion, Loyalty and Honesty = Words

In that order we went through our disagreeing and agreeing views on the subjects of Devotion, Loyalty and Honesty.  Inspired by our great friend Ashley Davene and our participation on her "Art of Love" radio show Happy to share as our thoughts provoke!



This talk was Inspired by our great friend Ashley Davene and our participation on her "Art of Love" radio show on Sunday, February 24th.  Click here to hear the show

Saturday 1 September 2012

Provoking Thoughts Podcast 10 - Words Create Reality

This Podcast is related to Full Moon Rising's song
"Wonderful Invention" off the new album
which coincides with an personal development 
system entitled Journey to a Brave New You.

This semi heated discussion touches on the topic of words to create our reality!


Provoking Thoughts Podcast 09 - Time - With Special Guests

Today we were joined at our home by special guests and spoke about various aspects of TIME and how it relates to this day and age.

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Monday 6 August 2012

Provoking Thoughts Podcast 08 - Inner Peace

This podcast is related to "HIGH", Track 05 of  Full Moon Rising's "Journey to a Brave New You", an personal development program launched in part with the upcoming album "Brave New World - The Time is NOW!"

In this conversation we discuss various ways of how we have developed inner peace over the years through meditation, contemplation and most importantly LAUGHING ALOT!


Provoking Thoughts Podcast 07 - Happiness Feel Good

This podcast is related to a blog post about a happiness generating toolbox and gives insight and ways to feel good and happy about life.


Wednesday 11 July 2012